Kevin E. Staub

Teaching and student supervision

Current subjects

Advanced Econometric Techniques 2

ECOM90014, PhD in Economics

Quantitative Methods for Business

ECOM90009, Master of Management

Past subjects

Introduction to Econometrics

FS131310, Bachelor program, University of Lucerne, Switzerland, Spring 2013

Empirical Methods

MOEC0021, Masters program, University of Zurich, Switzerland, Fall 2012

Current and past PhD students

D.T. Mai, Essays in Applied Econometrics, ongoing.

B. Lampe, Trade and Networks, ongoing.

P. Kharel, Essays in International Trade. 2017.

Masters and Honours supervision

I'm available as an advisor for Masters and Honours research essays in Economics. If you're interested in having me as an advisor, please read the information in the following pdf.

A list of recent research essays completed under my supervision can be found here.

Department of Economics

111 Barry Street

The University of Melbourne, 3010 VIC



Email: kevin.staub[at]

Phone: 03 903 53776

Office: FBE 344

This version: November, 2017

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