Kevin E. Staub



Estimating fixed effects: Perfect prediction and bias in binary response panel data models, with an application to the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program (Stata program: brglm)

with Johannes S. Kunz and Rainer Winkelmann

Consistent estimation of the fixed effects ordered logit model

with Gregori Baetschmann and Rainer Winkelmann

Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A, 178 (3), 685-703, 2015.

A causal interpretation of extensive and intensive margin effects in generalized Tobit models

Review of Economics and Statistics, 96 (2), 371-375, 2014.

Consistent estimation of zero-inflated count data models

with Rainer Winkelmann

Health Economics, 22 (6), 673-686, 2013.

Simple tests for exogeneity of a binary explanatory variable in count data regression models

Communications in Statistics: Simulation and Computation, 38 (9), 1834-1855, 2009.

Applied microeconomics

Subjective completion beliefs, and the demand for post-secondary education

with Johannes S. Kunz

Online accessibility of scholarly literature, and academic innovation

with Timo Boppart

Does the stork deliver happiness? Parenthood and life satisfaction

with Gregori Baetschmann and Raphael Studer

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 130, 242-260, 2016.

Relative Status and Satisfaction

with Stefan Boes and Rainer Winkelmann

Economics Letters, 109 (3), 168-170, 2010.

International Trade

Controlling for multilateral resistance terms in linearized trade gravity equations without spatial econometrics

with Peter Egger

Trade preferences and bilateral trade in goods and services: a structural approach

with Peter Egger and Mario Larch

GLM estimation of trade gravity models with fixed effects

with Peter Egger

Empirical Economics, 50 (1), 137-175, 2016.

The trade effects of endogenous preferential trade agreements

with Peter Egger, Mario Larch and Rainer Winkelmann

American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 3 (3), 113-143, 2011.

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